Draft Policy ARIN-2021-8

Deprecation of the ‘Autonomous System Originations’ Field

Staff Understanding

ARIN-2021-8 would remove the entirety of ARIN policy surrounding Autonomous System Originations, including guidelines for ARIN’s origin AS data collection and publication.

The problem statement identifies issues with efficient access to OriginAS data, but the policy statement proposes elimination of the data altogether, rather than proposing potential solutions to the identified shortcomings.

This approach presumes that those benefiting from the OriginAS field today will readily find alternatives, and that may not be a valid presumption and/or should be carefully validated.

Additionally, the timeframe comment calling for implementation prior to ARIN eliminating NONAUTH has been overtaken by events and should be removed.

Implementable as Written?: Yes

Impact on ARIN Registry Operations and Services:

Cannot be determined, as the policy proposal does not make clear whether the use of OriginAS field is to be disallowed once policy is removed, disposition of existing OriginAS data, etc.

Legal Review:

No material legal issue.

Implementation Timeframe Estimate: Nine months

Implementation Requirements:

  • Customer education and outreach with appropriate sunsetting lead times
  • Staff training
  • Updates to public documentation
  • Updates to internal procedures and guidelines

Proposal/Draft Policy Text Assessed: 16 December 2021