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ARIN On The Road

What Is ARIN on the Road?

ARIN on the Road is your chance to get face time with ARIN and get your questions answered. These traveling, no-cost events provide the latest from ARIN on everything; from technical services and tools, to current ARIN policy developments and the status of IPv6 adoption.

We'll get you up to speed and solicit discussion topics in case there is something you want to know that isn't on the agenda. Stick around for the optional Ask ARIN session and speak one-on-one with an ARIN staff member about requesting and managing Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6, ASNs), technical developments, or policy issues. We will also have a drawing for those that complete a short survey about the event.

ARIN on the Road Sample Itinerary

Time: 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

  • Welcome and Getting Started
  • ARIN's Mission and Core Functions
  • ARIN Technical Services
  • Policy Development at ARIN
  • IPv4 Services – Waiting List, Transfers, and more
  • ARIN Security Services – DNSSEC, RPKI, and more
  • IPv6 Services – Obtaining Resources, Networking Plans
  • ARIN Directory Services – RDAP, Whois, Whowas, Data Accuracy
  • Community Engagement with ARIN
  • Registration Services Department Update
  • Q&A / Open Mic Session
  • Ask ARIN (3:30 PM - 4:00 PM) - Optional opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with ARIN staff

Request a Stop In Your Area

Would you like to see ARIN on the Road steer your way? If you think your area could benefit from an ARIN on the Road event, let us know at

Past Events

This is a listing of previous ARIN on the Road events and links to the presentations given.

Previous ARIN on the Road Events
City Date Presentation
Jacksonville, Florida 7 Feb 2019 PDF
Charlotte, North Carolina 5 Feb 2019 PDF
Atlanta, Georgia 7 June 2018 PDF
St. Louis, Missouri 5 June 2018 PDF
London, Ontario 3 May 2018 PDF
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 May 2018 PDF
Albuquerque, New Mexico 25 January 2018 PDF
San Diego, California 23 January 2018 PDF
Columbus, Ohio 2 November 2017 PDF
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 14 September 2017 PDF
San Juan, Puerto Rico 25 August 2017 PDF
Denver, Colorado 13 June 2017 PDF
Las Vegas, Nevada 2 May 2017 Presentations
Little Rock, Arkansas 7 March 2017 PDF
St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda 16 February 2017 PDF
Houston, Texas 19 January 2017 PDF
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 8 December 2016 PDF
Nashville, Tennessee 10 November 2016 PDF
Waterloo, Ontario 13 September 2016 Presentations
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 June 2016 PDF
Edmonton, Alberta 3 May 2016 PDF
Austin, Texas 22 March 2016 PDF
Tampa, Florida 18 February 2016 PDF
Seattle, Washington 20 January 2016 PDF
Lansing, Michigan 27 October 2015 PDF
Fairfield, New Jersey 10 September 2015 PDF
Chicago, Illinois 1 September 2015 Presentations
Roseau, Dominica 18 June 2015 PDF
Helena, Montana 9 June 2015


Halifax, Nova Scotia 21 May 2015

Main Presentation:

"DNS Talk"

"Internet Exchange Points in Canada & a HFXIX Update"

"Halifax Internet Exchange"

"IPv6 : A service Provider Perspective"

Ottawa, Ontario 19 May 2015

Main Presentation:

" IPv6: The Homework That's Put Off Until Tomorrow"

"DNS Talk"

Orlando, Florida 24 February 2015 Presentations
Columbia, South Carolina 30 October 2014 PDF
Winnipeg, Manitoba 11 September 2014 PDF
Madison, Wisconsin 9 September 2014 Presentations
Anchorage, Alaska 5 June 2014 PDF
Omaha, Nebraska 22 May 2014 PDF
Cheyenne, Wyoming 20 May 2014 PDF
Salt Lake City, Utah 27 February 2014 PDF
San Diego, California 25 February 2014 Presentations
Calgary, Alberta 12 September 2013 PDF
Portland, Oregon 10 September 2013 Presentations
Québec City, Québec 13 June 2013 PDF
Birmingham, Alabama 23 May 2013 PDF
Overland Park, Kansas 21 May 2013 PDF
Northern Virginia / Washington, D.C. 21 March 2013 PDF
Minneapolis, Minnesota 13 September 2012 PDF
Louisville, Kentucky 11 September 2012 PDF
Chicago, Illinois 22 March 2012 PDF
Brooklyn, New York 6 March 2012 PDF
Montréal, Québec 13 September 2011 PDF
San Jose, California 12 August 2011 PDF
Boston, Massachusetts 8 June 2011 PDF
Raleigh, North Carolina 19 August 2010 PDF
Phoenix, Arizona 17 August 2010 PDF

Photo / Video Disclaimer

Registration and attendance at, or participation in, ARIN on the Road events constitutes an acknowledgment and agreement by the registrant/attendee that the American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd. ("ARIN") and its duly authorized contractors may take registrant's or attendee's image or voice in photographs, video recordings, and electronic reproductions for later publication in ARIN materials. Registrants and participants of ARIN on the Road events permit ARIN to include such photos and/or videos in official ARIN materials as ARIN deems necessary, that ARIN may identify registrants or attendees in such materials, registrants/attendees have no right to any compensation for such uses, and such uses may be worldwide in any medium.

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