ARIN 48 Attendees

Registered Remote and In-Person Participants

This is a comprehensive list of the individuals who logged in during the virtual meeting or attended in Minneapolis.

Name Title Organization
Abramson, Bram Principal 32M
Abramson, Charles Associate Hilco Streambank
Adonaylo, Gabriel Board Member LACNIC
Alexander, Dan Network Engineer Comcast Cable
Allen, Steve IT Manager ESTIN-1 - EST, Inc.
Alpert, Theo Devops Theo Alpert
Anderberg, Anthony Network Architect Nuvera Communications
Andersen, Paul Chair, Board of Trustees ARIN
Anderson, Celeste Director Customer Relations Pacific Wave
Arnold, Mercia SVP Risk Management & Compliance TOG, Inc.
Aronson, Cathy owner Daydream Imagery LLC
Bacher, Jan Network Operator JE Bacher, LLC
Baghdasaryan, Meri Legal Fellow Electronic Frontier Foundation
Barfield, John CEO BISS Inc
Barnes, Tim IT Supervisor Applied Technology Group, Inc
Bedard, Dawn Principal Program Manager Microsoft
Bedser, Jeffrey CEO iThreat
Bernardi, Dave vp network infrastructure zito media
Bernick, Jeremy Researcher University of Arizona
Bialas, Aaron Chief Information Officer Computer Techniques, Inc.
Blumberg, Kevin CTO THE WIRE INC.
Blunk, Larry Network Engineer Merit Network, Inc.
Boswell, Noah Founder Look To The Right
Brierley, E. Marie CEO Saatvik Advisors
Brown, Nia Acquisition Specialist Amazon Web Services
Bryson, Laura CIO BEMC - Broadcast Educational Media Commission
Brzozowski, John Jason N/A Self
Buckridge, Chris Advisor RIPE NCC
Buhrmaster, Gary
Burns, Mike President IPTrading
Byambasuren, Batsuren Director Internet Tool & Die Company
Cabrera Ferrari, Franco Policy Assistant LACNIC
Carpenter, Randy Vice President FNG-1 - First Network Group Inc
Carter, Nancy Member, Board of Trustees ARIN
Catapano, Joe Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager ICANN
Christell, Todd Owner Christell & Associates, LLC
Coffeen, Tom IPv6 consultant HexaBuild, Inc
Couch, Ian Network Planner Tbaytel
Daniels, Marshall Broadband Manager Dayton
da Silva, Ron VP Operations Quantum Loophole, Inc.
Davis, Nate CEO Coastal Technology Advisors
Dean, Henry Clay Senior Director Network Operations Mediacom Communications
Defreitas, Dwayne it admin svgcc
Delacruz, Anthony Sr Network Engineer Lumen
Devenish, Shearvon Managing Director Style and Surf Inc.
Dul, Andrew Advisory Council 8 Continents Networks LLC
Eddle, Tegestu Network Engineer TMPI
Eichhorst, Scott VP Eng/Op Nextera Communications
Elkins, Nalini CEO Inside Products
Elverson, Chris Supervisory Special Agent FBI
Emmons, Paul IP Janitor Banner / Aetna
Farmer, David Network Engineer University of Minnesota
Feldman, Steven Principal Network Architect SPTL -
Fernandez, Azael Academic UNAM / CUDI
Fox, Christopher CTO II-1 - Ideal Integrations, LLC
Gallo, Andrew Network Engineer The George Washington University
Genyk, Connor Owner Vulpine Networks
George, Gerry ICT Consultant & Business Solutions Provider DigiSolv, Inc.
Gerry, Kate President Converted Networks, LLC
Ghadbane, Jim President and CEO CANARIE
Gibbs, Sam Network Services Manager NMMC-Tupelo
Giesen, Gary Director, Network Services EGATE Networks
Gilmore, Patrick Special Board Advisor Deep Edge Technologies
Goodman, Janine Vice President Avenue4 LLC
Greenwood, Richard Network Engineer Shasta County Office of Education
Gurinsky, Cat Senior Network Engineer Apple Inc
Hadenfeldt, Andrew Senior Engineer Allo Communications LLC
Handal, Jeffry Technical Leader Cisco
Hannigan, Martin CEO Deep Edge Realty
Harper, Niel Chief Information Security Officer United Nations Office fro Project Services (UNOPS)
Harrison, Peter CTO Colovore LLC
Hazeley, Philip Director Phazel Solutions
Holen, Hans Petter Managing Director RIPE NCC
Howard, Lee Senior Vice President IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank
Huberman, David Technical Engagement Manager ICANN
Hunter, Kathleen Comcast LIR and AC Vice Chair Comcast LLC and ARIN AC
Jacobsen, Ole Editor and Publisher Kongle Konsulting
Jean Joseph, Stefano Founder/CEO JeanComputech Corporation
Job, Steven President Tiggee
Jones, Brian Agile Process Engineer Virginia Tech
Kansal, Gaurav Scientist National Informatics Centre
Kennedy, L Sean Worker Amazon
Keyes, Robert proprietor Sinister Network
Krishnamurthy, Shankar Senior Network Engineer Lyft
Kuarsingh, Victor Sr. Director Network Engineering and Delivery Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Kumari, Warren Director, Internet Standards Google
Laird, Eric Wide Area Network Manager Texas A&M University
Laney, Dillon Executive Director of Information Systems Trinity Basin Preparatory
Latzko, Alex Principal Network Architect DEFT.COM
Leaning, Richard Director - Trust & Safety Cloudflare
Lee, Louie Peering Coordinator / Numbers Administrator Google Fiber
Leedy, Wendy IP Strategist Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Lewis, Donnie President/CEO The Obsidian Group, Inc.
Loch, Kevin Principal Network Architect QTS Data Centers
Martes, Marlin IP Acquisition Specialist Amazon Web Services
McCredie, Miles Technical Leader Midco
McNair, Edward Executive Director NANOG
Middleton, Catherine Member, Board of Trustees ARIN
Miller, David CTO Tiggee
Montgomery, Doug Manager, Internet Technology Research National Institute of Standards and Technology
Morizot, Timothy IT Specialist IRS - Internal Revenue Service
Morris, Tina Biz Dev Amazon
Mulingbayan, Anna Senior Internet Resource Analyst APNIC Pty Ltd
Newton, Gwen Network Advisor CSC-11 - Computer Sciences Corporation
Nikolich, Anita Advisory Council ARIN Advisory Council & University of Illinois
Nugent, Nick Corporate Counsel Amazon Web Services
O’Leary, Penelope Director Cashmere Capital
olsen, ole PMS St John Cable Company
Pace, Joe Data center architect/Hostmaster American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Pedersen, Anders Senior Systems Architect KT-439 - Keepit Technologies Inc.
Polishchuk, Sergii IT Professional Infotec Manitoba
Potter, Amy Sr. Technical Business Developer AWS
Prevost, Tom Network Architect Armstrong
Provo, Joe Advisory Council ARIN Advisory Council / Google
Quesada, Christopher Director Verisign
Quinn, Alyssa Policy Program Manager CIRA
Rathina Sabapathi, Vidhya Network Engineer Central Electric Cooperative
Reese, Gus Director of Edge Engineering & IP Administrator Cogent Communications
Richards, Kerrie-Ann Member, Advisory Council ARIN AC
Richards, Malisa Lecturer Dominica State College
Ricketts, John Owner Quintex Alliance Consulting
Rouge, Phoebe Technologist US Government
Rowley, Alan CEO Citizen Support LLC
Ryan, Steve Counsel ARIN
Samms, Emma Owner Emma’s Technical Solutions
Sandiford, Bill Board of Trustees ARIN
Sawyer, Leif Enterprise Security Architect GCI Communication Corp
Scardina, Michael Director, Network Strategies & Technologies Armstrong
Seastrom, Robert Sr. Mgr, Cyber Capital One
Simon, William Engineer Simon Telephonics
Sinn, David Network Engineer University of Washington
Snijders, Job Principal Engineer Fastly
Stewart, Jonathan Network Engineer LES.NET (1996) INC
Strittmatter, Larry Controller
Stuart, Sean Network Engineer MITRE
Tacit, Christian AC Member ARIN
Taylor, Scott G Owner MRY Systems
Thimmesch, Peter President Internet Tool & Die Company
Tocco, Vincent Sr. Network Engineer SpaceX
Trenaman, Nathalie RSPM RIPE NCC
Trotman, Alicia Technology Specialist Mission Critical Partners
Tung Barthelemy, Zoey Senior Associate Internews
Vegoda, Leo Multiple And Polus LLc / Euro-IX / PeeringDB
Von Helmst, Seth Network Engineer Nextera Communications
Watzek, David Support BEMC
Weil, Jason principal engineer Charter Communications
Weiss, Hank Account Executive IPv4.Global, a division of Hilco Streambank
White, Joseph Security Architect Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
Wilder, Matthew Sr Engineer TELUS Communications
Wood, Alison Network Engineer State of Oregon
Woodfield, Chris Sr. Staff Network Engineer Twitter
Zilic, Ivan CTO PIT US

ARIN Staff

Name Title
Abejuela, Michael General Counsel
Alligood, Erin Senior Director of HR and Administration
Arceneaux, Alyssa Executive Coordinator
Baldwin, Tommy Graphic and Digital Media Designer
Bly, Jennifer External Relations Manager
Bohlin, Einar Vice President, Government Affairs
Byrne, Jason Senior Customer Success Analyst
Carmichael, Kerry Senior Technical Writer
Curran, John President & CEO
Dubin, Garth Software Engineering Manager
Fulmer, Jennifer Staff Attorney
Gauldin, Amanda Community Engagement Coordinator
Goodwin, Melissa Meeting Planner
Gorman, Brad Senior Product Owner, Routing Security
Helfrich, Jesse UX Designer
Hicks, Beverly Training Program Coordinator
Hopkins, Sean Senior Policy Analyst
Jimmerson, Richard Chief Operating Officer
Johnson, Christian Vice President, Information Security
Kara, Hollis Director of Communications
Kirk, Brian Chief Financial Officer
Kosters, Mark Chief Technical Officer
Lee, Jennifer Counsel
Liedel, Lisa Director of Registration Services
Link, Sherrie Project Manager
Martin, Debra Senior Program Manager
Mortiere, Kevin Support Engineer
Nobile, Leslie Senior Director, Trust and Public Safety
Perks, Ashley Senior Communications Writer
Seiler, Marueen Software Integration Manager
Simcox, Therese Senior Executive Assistant
Sweeting, John Chief Customer Officer
Toscano, Pete Information Systems and Security Manager
Westover, Joe Senior Manager, Office of the CCO
Worley, Jonathan Senior Technology Architect