Why Are You Thankful For IPv6?

Why Are You Thankful For IPv6?

It’s the season of giving thanks and we’re feeling into this attitude of gratitude. Here at ARIN, we’re thankful for IPv6 every day. But we wanted to know from you, why are you thankful for IPv6? We went to social media to ask, and here’s a look at what you had to say!

‪‬‬‬“I’m thankful for IPv6 because it gives us enough IP addresses to last (hopefully) forever!” - Patrick Klos

“I’m thankful for IPv6 because it helped me get my current job” - Patrick Laughton

“We may be able to finally say goodbye to NAT” - Rishi Latchmepersad

“Because the IPv4 address space will eventually deplete” - Etem Hyusnev (Great reason, Etem! In the ARIN region, IPv4 has already depleted!)

“It’s going to force us to think carefully about robust firewall rules and their implementations (w/o NAT).” – Rohan Kumar

We enjoyed reading your responses about why you’re grateful for IPv6! It’s not too late to let us know why you’re thankful, tweet us @TeamARIN anytime. And if you have any questions about where to begin in your IPv6 deployment, check out our Get6 page with lots of great information including case studies, resources and more.

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