Post-Lunch Thoughts: ARIN Lunch by the Numbers

Post-Lunch Thoughts: ARIN Lunch by the Numbers

Earlier this week, ARIN hit the road with a new, lightweight outreach program. Senior Director of Registration Services John Sweeting and Senior Resource Analyst Eddie Diego joined me to host ARIN customer lunches in Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL.

At each event, we spent two hours talking about ARIN over lunch with a diverse group of representatives from ARIN customer organizations. Attendees represented organizations ranging from those with Autonomous System Numbers only, to Orgs with a full complement of Internet number resources assigned or allocated from ARIN. We enjoyed spending this time connecting in-person with our customers, and attendees benefitted from meeting others in their own community as well.

We asked our guests to complete a survey after lunch, and we compiled a few of their responses below:

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

  • “ARIN is an open, community driven organization”

  • “There are resources available to help with IPv6 transition”

  • “Good to put faces with the organization”

  • “The depth of ARIN’s services”

  • “IPv6 is where to put resources long term”

  • “The status of IPv4 and policy NRPM 4.10 – IPv4 is available for IPv6 deployment”

  • “Case studies available on IPv6 deployment”

While the program was lightweight, the discussions were engaging and informative on both sides. Eddie also provided help desk services onsite. (Check out this video to learn what services we can provide in-person through our help desk.) The impact of these events are measurable– we have already received two new requests for IPv6 addresses, one Fellowship application, and several new subscriptions to our mailing lists. We wouldn’t be surprised to see additional engagement from these customers in the near future!

We would like to thank all our customer organizations who joined us to launch this initiative. Please reach out to us at if you reside in a city that might benefit from an ARIN Lunch by the Numbers. We will be planning our 2019 schedule very soon!

Post written by:

Susan Hamlin
Senior Director of Communications and Member Services, ARIN

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