Don't hesitate, dive in! #TipsFor6 Recap

Don't hesitate, dive in! #TipsFor6 Recap

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking you to share your best tips for deploying IPv6. You responded with some great suggestions! Here’s a wrap-up featuring some of the best #TipsFor6 we received. Thank you for your generous participation. We’ve been touting the importance of deploying IPv6 for years now, so we love having some fresh voices in the mix. Enjoy the tips below, and if you didn’t have the chance to participate, we’re always listening. Tweet us @TeamARIN using #TipsFor6 any time with your best tip!

From Twitter:

From Reddit:

“Probably the biggest tip is to outline that IPv6 isn’t as scary as it seems. Yes, things are different, but in a lot of cases, they’re better! There is still a lot of “legacy IP” think, especially topics such as subnet sizing and private addressing. When you break out of the old way of thinking, you’ll find that you have a lot of freedom within network design and you can approach a lot of your problems holistically and actually solve them (rather than hiding your problems behind perceived solutions like NAT).”

“If you do it when everyone else does, you’ll be really under-prepared. I can just imagine the CR: ‘go IPv6; scope: everything.’”

A Dilbert cartoon

“Just do it. Vint Cerf says we should. And increasingly, people are ALREADY doing it. IPv6 deployment is increasing around the world, with over 9 million domain names and 23% of all networks advertising IPv6 connectivity.”

Wow, those are some great tips! If interested, you can dive into the full conversation around IPv6 deployment tips on Reddit. Feel free to keep sending us your best #TipsFor6. Thank you to all who participated!

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