How Do You IPv6?

How Do You IPv6?

Has your company made progress with IPv6?  We’d like to talk to you.

In our efforts to help encourage the uptake of IPv6, one thing we hear again and again is that it would be helpful to hear from those who have already done it.  Whether it be to learn more about how to get the project off the ground or how to solve unforeseen technical difficulties, sharing stories about your experiences can highlight your expertise, open a dialogue about the options available, and ultimately help others going through the same issues.

Game on

No matter whether you’ve been IPv6-ready for 10 years or 10 months, if you have experience planning for and implementing IPv6 on your public facing services, you have a story to tell that could provide encouragement and motivation for others in your industry to follow in your footsteps.  Let us feature you and the good work you’re doing, so we can increase the usage of IPv6 on the Internet together.

If you have made progress deploying IPv6 and are interested in being featured in an ARIN IPv6 case study, let us know at

We know you’re busy, so if you volunteer work on a case study with us, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you tell your story and highlight your accomplishments. Examples of questions we might ask you include:

  • What drove your decision to adopt IPv6?

  • Why is IPv6 deployment important within your industry?

  • What specific steps did your organization take to deploy IPv6?

  • What obstacles did you encounter? And how did you overcome them?

  • What benefits (if any) has your company and/or customers gained from being IPv6-enabled?

  • If you could share any advice to help others going through the same process, what would it be?

Achievement Unlocked

We already have some great real-world deployment case studies posted, so be sure check those out. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how others began their transition to IPv6, crafted their address planning strategies, and overcame both expected and unexpected challenges along the way.

Interested in discussing your experiences with IPv6 too? Accept the challenge to help others level up with IPv6.

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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