3 Ways to Change Your ARIN Registration

3 Ways to Change Your ARIN Registration

Do you need to change your ARIN registration but you don’t know what type of request to submit? Maybe you’ve submitted a request, but after our initial review, we asked you to submit a different type. So, what are your options and which should you choose?

Changes in registration are reviewed through our Name Change and Transfer Request processes. This post will demystify those processes to help you choose the right request for your situation.

Name Changes

Did your organization choose to change its legal name or was a name change required to remove or add a LLC or corporate designation during a business structure conversion?

A Name Change is right for you, if your organization:

  • Filed an Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation or Organization to change its legal name

  • Filed a Certificate of Conversion to convert to a different business structure (LLC to Inc. for example)

We may ask you provide evidence of your name change. Forms of Legal Evidence include, but may not be limited to:

  • Articles of Amendment,

  • Certificate of Amendment, or

  • Certificate of Conversion

Transfers Due to Mergers, Acquisitions, and Reorganizations (NRPM 8.2)

Some common 8.2 transfers involve changing the registration from one organization to another due to a merger or acquisition. However, they cover much more than that!

An 8.2 transfer is right for you if your organization:

  • Purchased the assets that use the IP addresses/AS Numbers

  • Merged with another organization (as the surviving entity)

  • Acquired the other organization (in part or whole)

  • Reorganized with (or as) a wholly-owned subsidiary

  • Reorganized with another organization and both are within a single holding company

  • Reorganized with another organization and both have the same ownership

Forms of Legal Evidence which may be required are:

  • Asset Purchase Agreement and Bill of Sale,

  • Merger or Amalgamation Agreement,

  • S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Filings,

  • Annual Report for Wholly-owned Subsidiaries, and/or

  • Annual Report for Organizations with Same Ownership

Transfers to Specified Recipients Within the ARIN Region (NRPM 8.3)

An 8.3 transfer differs from an 8.2 in that the source organization is releasing the registration rights to IPv4 addresses or AS Numbers to a specified recipient organization.

An 8.3 Transfer is right for you, if your organization:

  • Currently holds unused ARIN-issued IPv4 addresses or AS Numbers (Source)

  • Needs unused ARIN-issued IPv4 addresses or AS Numbers (Recipient)

Requirements for a Source organization

The Source organization must be the same active, legally registered business entity that originated the ARIN registration. If changes to the business entity have occurred, the organization will need to update their registration either through the Name Change or 8.2 transfer process before moving forward.

Requirements for a Recipient organization

The Recipient organization may request to receive a transfer from a Source organization in /24 increments.  The Recipient organization will need to provide detailed projections and justification outlining their 24-month need.  Recipients may choose to be pre-approved through the Transfer Pre-Approval process before entering into an agreement with a Source organization and prior to submitting an 8.3 request.

Now that you know what each process entails, you’re ready to submit the right request for your organization!

If you would like to discuss which transfer is right for you, please contact a member of our Registration Services team at 703.227.0660 or submit an Ask ARIN ticket from within your ARIN Online account.

Post written by:

Shawn Sullivan
Customer Service Resource Analyst II

Answering Registration Services calls and requests since 2013. Answering happy hour calls family obligations permitting.

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