Make IPv6 the New Normal

Make IPv6 the New Normal

Today we would like to join our community in celebrating the 5th Anniversary of World IPv6 Launch, a global event facilitated by the Internet Society when many organizations committed to permanently turning on IPv6. We’ve seen an enormous amount of IPv6 deployments in the ARIN region since the launch five years ago, and it has been incredible to witness how our community is embracing the future of the Internet.

We want to thank our members and community organizations for all of the hard work and dedication that they have put into spreading the word about IPv6.  We’re proud to say that IPv6 requests at ARIN have remained steady over the years and more than 50% of our members have registered IPv6 to date (amazing!). We’re confident many organizations in our region are out there making their IPv6 deployments happen right now.

As of March 2017
As of March 2017

For the past decade, ARIN has made outreach surrounding IPv4 depletion and IPv6 adoption a top priority.  We have been engaging with enterprises across industries to encourage IPv6 deployment with our Get6 campaign, and throughout these last five years we have seen some very interesting things come out of many member organizations within our region. To name only a few, we have seen major access provider deployments in the region from industry leaders like Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We have seen content related providers like Facebook, LinkedIn, Akamai, and Google make significant strides in providing IPv6-enabled content. In Canada, thanks to CIRA, we’ve seen growth in a coast-to-coast network of IXPs that enable small and medium local ISPs to offer IPv6 services. These companies and many more have made some incredible progress with IPv6 that helps give others the boost they need to take the steps toward deploying IPv6 within their own organization as well.

If you have taken steps to deploy IPv6 at your organization, thank you for your hard work and dedication.  Let’s all continue to work together to make IPv6 the new normal.

Post written by:

Richard Jimmerson
Chief Operating Officer, ARIN

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