IPv6 - Been There Done That

IPv6 - Been There Done That

At our most recent Public Policy and Members Meeting, a panel of experts from industry leading companies took to the ARIN 39 stage to share their experiences with IPv6. Each company featured as part of the panel has made great strides in successfully implementing IPv6 including Comcast, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Louisiana State University.

For a quick snapshot of the kinds of topics covered during the panel, here are a few of our favorite takeaway quotes:

“I’d say follow the Henry Ford principle: There are no big problems; there are just collections of small problems. So don’t look at IPv6 as, oh my gosh, I have to convert my entire network and application stack, because you’ll look at it and you’ll just say, I can never get that prioritized. Find a piece of it. Find a meaningful piece. See if you can get a piece of your network going. Just make incremental progress.” - Alec Peterson, General Manager, Amazon CloudFront at Amazon Web Services

“We were so used to working with IPv4 and being conservative that we hadn’t grasped the immensity of the IPv6 space. Once we got used to that and learned that you don’t have to be as conservative as you are on IPv4, we redesigned our addressing scheme so that it would be more flexible.” - Hector Rios, Associate Director of Networking, Information Technology Services, Louisiana State University

“This technology, unlike most, requires upward management and education in other departments that’s different than a lot of typical technology changes.” - Aaron Hughes, President and CEO of 6connect

“We wanted to make sure that our members are always having a good experience. If we didn’t take the leap on IPv6, then we would be dealing with complexities of multiple NAT, CGNAT etc. At the end of the day, we knew that would affect our member performance long term.” - Zaid Ali Khan, ‎Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering, LinkedIn

“These days all the acrobatics you have to do with IPv4 adds complexity and creates operational challenges. So every day that we go down this path we find there are more and more reasons why IPv6 was and continues to be the right answer.” - John Jason Brzozowski, Fellow and Chief IPv6 Architect, Comcast Cable Communications

Watch the entire session below or read the full transcript online.


Even if we don’t end up getting those IPv6 pom-poms, don’t be fooled, we’re still cheering you on. If you too would like to share your company’s IPv6 progress with the ARIN community, let us know at get6@arin.net and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help feature your success.

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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