ARIN Number Policy Discussions - the ARIN PPC - at NANOG 61

ARIN Number Policy Discussions - the ARIN PPC - at NANOG 61

By Einar Bohlin, Senior Policy Analyst, ARIN

Tomorrow morning during NANOG 61, ARIN will host a  Public Policy Consultation, or PPC, to discuss possible changes to Internet number resource policy. Currently the Advisory Council’s (AC) docket includes 10 Draft Policies and 4 Recommended Draft Policies, so there are will be a lot to discuss.

ARIN PPC at NANOG 61 Bellevue

The Draft policies are simply proposals that have been found by the AC to be clear and in scope. They are all works in progress. Tomorrow the AC will be seeking community feedback to see if consensus can be found on the value these proposals offer in the creation of  good policy. Drafts can either go forward to become recommended, or they can end up being abandoned.

Recommended Drafts are further along in the policy process. The AC has found them to be fair, technically sound and having some support from the community. By promoting a draft to the recommended state the AC is telling you that this has been found to be good policy; and it is on track for adoption to be new number policy. After these are presented Recommended Drafts are eligible to go to a last call on the mailing list. This could happen after the AC’s June teleconference. In fact, you could look at the presentation of Recommended Drafts as the beginning of last call. These are normally going to become policy unless there is substantive opposition.

An example of a current Recommended Draft Policy is ARIN-2014-13: Reduce All Minimum Allocation/Assignment Units to /24. This policy change would reduce the minimum allocation or assignment to a /24. This means ISPs and end users with a need for a /24 or larger network could request that from ARIN.

If you’re already attending NANOG, please join the discussion of Internet number resource policy Tuesday morning. If you’re not attending NANOG, you can still participate to the ARIN session free of charge either in-person or online. See the event information about the ARIN PPC at NANOG 61. There you can find registration information, remote participation info, the agenda, and a Discussion Guide with all the proposals and drafts being discussed.

Post written by:

Einar Bohlin
Vice President, Government Affairs

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