Find Me at ARIN 33

Find Me at ARIN 33

By ARIN 33 Fellows: Kevin Powell, Brett Henrich, and Jose Alvarado

In only days ARIN 33 will be upon us.  Get to know the three fellows who you’ll find actively involved at this meeting with this quick Q&A.

Kevin PowellKevin Powell

Lecturer/Head of Department, General Studies and Communication at University College of Caribbean, from Jamaica

What are you looking forward to in Chicago?

I do a Google search on Chicago every day just to acclimate myself to this renowned city. I am really looking forward to participate in the ARIN 33 meeting, to learn more about ARIN and its policies, and to really just make my contributions to the discussion surrounding the use of the Internet and specifically issues related to IT governance. In addition, I am really looking forward to networking with other ARIN members and making life long connections.

What do you intend to accomplish by attending an ARIN Meeting?

One of the major objectives I intend to accomplish by attending the ARIN conference is to be equipped with knowledge. I desire to be empowered with additional information regarding policies on Internet governance and other matters relating to the distribution of Internet addresses.

How do you think your ARIN Meeting experience will benefit you or your organization when you return home?

In line with ARIN’s goals of information publication and dissemination along with education, I intend to participate in and conduct seminars and a conference at the University College of the Caribbean just to sensitize students and other faculty members about any insights gained while at the ARIN Meeting. I intend to write a paper or article to be included in the University’s Journal on The Role of Internet Governance in Education and Training. My particular area of focus will be on the issues of accessibility and policies that can be implemented to assist all the stakeholders in the education sector to maximize their use of the Internet in education.    I intend to also share the knowledge gained at the ARIN conference with other members of the local ISOC chapter in Jamaica of which I am a member.

Brett HenrichBrett Henrich

IT Operations Manager at Infracore LLC, from California, USA

What are you looking forward to in Chicago?

I’m looking forward to meeting the folks who are working on the front lines of Internet governance in North America at this important time in the Internet’s history, with the US Government’s announcement of the globalization of IANA functions and the exhaustion of ARIN’s IPv4 reserves being key topics of interest to me.

What do you intend to accomplish by attending an ARIN Meeting?

I would like get a chance to meet the folks at the heart of the debate over ARIN’s role in the future of the Internet and to lend my voice.    I am also interested in learning more about ARIN’s IPv6 advocacy programs and meeting the people behind those too.

How do you think your ARIN Meeting experience will benefit you or your organization when you return home?

I attended an ARIN on the Road event that helped provide meaningful information about the IPv6 transition, and that has enabled me to make stronger cases for IPv6 deployment among the team I work for, who are responsible for managing various enterprise environments.    I also think that it will improve my skills as a network engineer and would love the opportunity to network with similar people in this space.

Jose AlvaradoJose Alvarado

Sr Technical Specialist at Allstream Corp., from Ontario, Canada

What are you looking forward to in Chicago?

I’m thrilled to be at ARIN’s conference for the first time.  I’m looking forward to learning how ARIN manages and directs its members to make efficient use of IP address, and participate in the thought process for formulating plans to make sure existing IPv4 addresses are used efficiently, and how other members are embracing IPv6. I’m looking forward to contribute on decision-making processes and be part of constructive discussions.

**What interests you about ARIN? **

The issues surrounding IP address allocations, and policy

How do you think your ARIN Meeting experience will benefit you or your organization when you return home?

MTS Allstream is a medium size ISP. That puts us both in the shadow of large ISPs and also able to help smaller providers. This unique position allows us to see policy effects from all perspectives as we are both requesting resources from ARIN as well as processing requests from our customers. We are well advanced in IPV6 deployment and have about 50 IPv6 customers and dozens of IPv6 peers. We can share our experience with it.

If you’ll be at ARIN 33, be sure to find Kevin, Brett, and Jose to introduce yourself and give them a big welcome to their first ARIN meeting!

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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