'Tis the Season for IPv6: Is Deployment at the Top of Your List?

'Tis the Season for IPv6: Is Deployment at the Top of Your List?

’tis the season for ipv6 adoptionThe holiday season is in full swing, and 2012 will be gone before we know it. So while you’re sitting back sipping cocoa by the fireplace, take a moment and think about the important things—like IPv6.

As things wind down and the year comes to a close, we are seeing lots of positive stories about IPv6 coming from all corners of the globe.  Here are a few of our recent favorites:

AFNIC reports more domain names are becoming IPv6 compliant.

Take a look at .fr domain names; nearly 60% are IPv6 compliant.  According to the AFNIC Industry Report on Domain Names released in mid-November, six out of ten .fr domain names have an IPv6-compatible DNS server, which indicates a 19 percent increase since October 2011. This exemplifies a global effort to transition to IPv6, and all other domain names can’t afford to fall behind.

The U.S. Government celebrates the pioneers of IPv6 deployment.

The U.S. federal government in particular has reached some major IPv6 deployment milestones.  As of late November, more than 450 federal government websites were accessible via IPv6. To celebrate this great progress, the IPv6 Forum presented special awards to four government officials in mid-November for their pioneering work in promoting IPv6. Carolyn Duffy Marsan wrote an article for NetworkWorld on why executives at the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Management and Budget, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and Defense Research and Engineering Network were honored for their work.

The mobile security industry has a special interest in IPv6.

Mobile device providers and telecom companies are major proponents of IPv6 and continue to drive adoption efforts. In an article entitled “Comment: Mobile Device Security – What’s Coming Next?”, Sophos’ Director of Technology Strategy James Lyne explains how in addition to providing enhanced performance features, IPv6 has new functionality designed specifically for mobile and security.

IPv6 offers new revenue opportunities for business partners.

In this Computerworld article,Aritra Sarkhel explains how several channel partners in India are analyzing their customers’ network infrastructure to find out whether their equipment is only IPv4 compatible and then help them prepare for an IPv6 transition. This same value-added strategy can be replicated within ARIN-region enterprises as well. It is important for businesses to engage customers, increase IPv6 awareness, and help with IPv6 readiness.

We are happy to see all the great strides in IPv6 adoption across industry and around the globe, and we hope it will encourage deployment in other sectors of the Internet economy. Now truly ‘tis the season for IPv6!

As you reflect on your 2012 – was IPv6 part of the picture? And as we head into the new year, is IPv6 deployment at the top of your list for 2013?

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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