IPv6 Summer Reading List

IPv6 Summer Reading List

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Summertime typically means things slow down at the office as individuals take time off for vacation. Whether you’ve got some downtime after work or while lounging on the beach, here’s a supplementary reading list for those of you looking for a little IPv6 refresh.

Happy reading!

IPv6 Essentials by Silvia Hagen

  • Value Add: Offers a detailed history and technical guide of IPv6

  • Notable Review: “Silvia’s look at IPv6 is always refreshing as she translates complex technology features into business drivers and genuine end-user benefits to enable building new business concepts based on end to end models.” – Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum and Chair of the EU IPv6 Task Force

Migrating to IPv6_ by Marc Blanchet_

  • Value Add: Provides advice and techniques on properly implementing the new technology along with practical application scenarios

  • Notable Review: “This book is a thorough and logical engineer’s walk through the universe of IPv6, ideal for those who need a good technical understanding of the future Internet protocol.” - Brian E. Carpenter, IETF Chair, Distinguished Engineer Internet Standards & Technology, IBM

Running IPv6 by Il__jitsch van Beijnum

  • Value Add: Includes troubleshooting section designed to assist individuals and organizations working to roll out IPv6 on their systems

  • Notable Review: “Even though Network Management Systems and business applications aren’t covered, necessary protocol internals, semantics, operations, and troubleshooting are covered, therefore giving the reader a good knowledge base.” - Eliot Lear, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6 by Sheila Frankel, Richard Graveman, John Pearce and Mark Rooks

  • Value Add: Published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), provides an overview of switching to IPv6 and covers advanced topics such as multihoming and jumbograms

  • Notable Review: Recommended by Henrik Kramshoej for having a great introduction and detailed description of IPv6, including security issues

The Second Internet by Lawrence E. Hughes

  • Value Add: Contains technical material but also appeals to managers who need to understand timing, transition issues and how to identify products certified to be compliant

  • Notable Review: “A book that thoroughly covers all the important aspects of transitioning to IPv6.” -  RIPE NCC’s IPv6 Act Now

Also check out our IPv6 Wiki for more book reviews and summer reading suggestions.  If you know of any other great resources we should add to our summer reading list let us know in the comments.

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