Interop Las Vegas: IPv6 is No Gamble

Interop Las Vegas: IPv6 is No Gamble

:Last week ARIN paid a visit to the IT gurus at Interop Las Vegas to spread the word on the urgent need for IPv6 adoption. While we did expect a crowd of information-hungry networking professionals, vendors and executives from far and wide, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that nearly all booth visitors had heard about IPv6! Thanks to the extensive trade show outreach conducted in recent years by ARIN staff, social media and Public Policy Meeting marketing, and good old word of mouth, IPv6 was the topic on nearly everybody’s lips! While the show floor was brimming with interest, there are still many movers, shakers and decision makers who had not yet seen the urgency of the IPv4 situation.

The IPv4 global free pool depleted over a year ago. “But ARIN still has IPv4, why should I be concerned?” While it is true that ARIN still has IPv4 to distribute, an IPv4-only website is invisible to Internet users who are on IPv6-only networks. Do you want to be invisible to potential new customers who will be coming online over IPv6 in ever-increasing numbers? We somehow doubt it.

The simple fact is that if your website is not on an IPv6-enabled network, you are only visible on a subset of the Internet. The “Internet” no longer refers to a single-protocol infrastructure–an infrastructure that lasted for decades, but built without the idea of a global commercial Internet ever coming into being. IPv4 and IPv6 are going to be coexisting for a good long while, and they are a package deal.

If you work for or know of an organization that is not connected to IPv6 and has not taken steps toward being so, we strongly encourage you to send them to ARIN’s IPv6 Info Center to get up to speed on the lingo, and to for IPv6 implementation help and informative presentations. IPv6 deployment is the cornerstone of this new era of the Internet’s expansion and development. Without IPv6, the Internet’s growth is stunted, and networks cannot expand. Be a part of the Internet’s future. Implement IPv6.

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Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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