How to Prepare for Policy Discussions at ARIN XXVIII

How to Prepare for Policy Discussions at ARIN XXVIII

[:] The ARIN XXVIII Public Policy and Members Meeting will take place in Philadelphia, October 12- 14, 2011. There are eight policy proposals that are on the agenda and up for discussion (they are actually draft polices, but more on that below). Some of these proposals are most likely going to change Internet Number Resource policy in the ARIN region, and we want to hear what you think about them. To that end, we’ve assembled some information to help you get ready to participate in these discussions.

If you are joining us in Philly, you will get a handy information packet at registration. In your packet you will find the ARIN XXVIII Discussion Guide. But you don’t have to wait for it. You can get the Discussion Guide right now at the ARIN XXVIII Meeting Materials page.

The guide contains the text of all eight draft policies that are on the ARIN XXVIII agenda, including:

  • The Draft Policy Name and Number,

  • An ARIN staff summary of the draft policy,

  • The Draft Policy text with its rationale,

  • And an implementation assessment with staff comments, legal comments, and a resource impact statement,

  • Plus, a full copy of the ARIN Policy Development Process.

What is the difference between a proposal and a draft policy? The term draft policy to designated that these items are further along in the Policy Development Process (PDP). The Draft Polices in the guide started as proposals and were worked on by the ARIN Advisory Council (AC); they were submitted for staff and legal assessments; and, they were promoted to draft policy by the AC for discussion on the Public Policy Mailing List and the Public Policy Meeting.

Here’s the list of Draft Polices in the ARIN XXVIII Discussion Guide.

ARIN-2011-13: IPv4 Number Resources for Use Within Region

ARIN-2011-12: Set Transfer Need to 24 months

ARIN-2011-11: Clarify Justified Need for Transfers

ARIN-2011-10: Remove Single Aggregate requirement from Specified Transfer

ARIN-2011-9 (Global Proposal): Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA

ARIN-2011-8: Combined M&A and Specified Transfers

ARIN-2011-7: Compliance Requirement

ARIN-2011-1: ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers

Among IPv4 transfers, reassignment information requirements, inter-RIR transfers"¦. there is bound to be something here that could affect your business.

After the Public Policy Meeting, in accordance with the Policy Development Process, the Advisory Council will decide what to do with each draft policy. When deciding what to do, the AC takes into consideration the support or lack of support both on the mailing list and at the Public Policy Meeting. A few days after the Public Policy Meeting, the AC’s decisions will be posted to the PPML. Normally, one of three things will happen to a draft policy: it will be advanced to last call, it will be abandoned, or the AC will keep it on their docket so that they can continue to work on it.

If you are not attending the Philadelphia meeting in person, you can follow remotely via webcast and participate via jabber. If you have a particular draft policy that you want to monitor, we strive to anchor the Draft Policy discussions to specific times so that you can tune in for a specific discussion. Take a look at the agenda on the ARIN XXVIII meeting page. All of the draft policies are listed and can be found in specific blocks of time on Wednesday and Thursday.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend in person or remotely. You can always make your opinion known on the PPML mailing list. It’s very important that you speak up. Do you think a draft policy should advance to last call? Do you think it should it be abandoned? Do you think it needs more work? The AC would very much like to hear what you think.

For more information about the ARIN XXVIII, go to the ARIN meeting webpage.

We hope to see you in Philadelphia or on online; it’s going to be a great meeting!

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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