"Name The Dude" Contest Winner

"Name The Dude" Contest Winner

As we mentioned in our last blog, we have a new outreach booth. When we got it all up and running, though, we realized … this poor guy doesn’t have a name. So we launched a “Name The Dude” contest onsite at ARIN XXV in Toronto and posted it via Facebook and Twitter. All together, we were overwhelmed with 55 suggestions. Wow!

[caption id=“attachment_385” align=“alignnone” width=“270” caption=“IPv6: Are You Ready? “]IPv6 Booth[/caption]

They are:

  • ::/32

  • 6a5:face::d00d

  • Aaron

  • Adam

  • Ag6nt Smith

  • Agent 6

  • Agent Daily

  • Agent Flaim

  • Agent Hex

  • Agent IP-6

  • Agent Six

  • Captain Obvious

  • Celestra

  • Chicken Little

  • Chuckles

  • Colon

  • Cosmeau

  • d00d::

  • Daisy

  • Doctor Whois

  • Dr. 6Bone

  • Dr. Veesix

  • Dr. Who

  • Fitzgerald

  • Freaky Gas Mask Guy

  • Fud

  • Gadi

  • Hex Man

  • Impending Doom

  • IP Daily

  • IP Freely

  • IPv4 Armageddon Man

  • IPv6 Hazmat Specialist

  • Jamie

  • Karl Marx

  • MindBender VI

  • Mister Former-Four

  • Mr. 6

  • Mr. D3AD B33F

  • Old Gassey

  • Pessimistic Pete

  • Prometheus v6

  • Sixto

  • Sixy

  • Steve The Lawyer

  • Stop Your Childish Whining About IPv6 Adoption or I Will Stab You With This

  • Briefcase Guy

  • The Dude

  • The Grump

  • The IPv6th Horseman of the Infopocalypse

  • The Septillion Man

  • Thomas Crown

  • Toxic 4 Dude

  • Tranny the Transitioner

  • Victor-6

  • WIGIG (When It’s Gone, It’s Gone)

We narrowed it down to six choices and put it out for a poll to the ARIN staff.

Without further ado, the Dude’s name is now ….

Agent Hex

The winning suggestion comes from Pete Kumbalek. He’s just won bragging rights and an iPod Touch. Congratulations!

We look forward to getting Agent Hex out on the road and talking to people about IPv6. He’ll be with us at several upcoming events. Will you come visit us?

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