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Utility Work at ARIN Offices

Posted: Friday, 21 September 2012

Due to utility work in the area, beginning at 9:00 PM EDT on Monday, 24 September and extending through Tuesday, 25 September at 5:00 AM, ARIN's main data center in Chantilly, VA will be without power and operating on backup power. All external Internet services are expected to be available throughout the duration of the outage. In the event external power is not restored by 5:00 AM EDT, ARIN may begin an orderly shutdown of services. Such a shutdown would affect ARIN Online, email template submissions, payment submissions, phone service, and ARIN's web site. Both DNS and Whois services will not be affected, as they are serviced from auxiliary data centers.

In the event a shutdown is required, ARIN will post a shutdown notice with additional details to and on the home page of the web site.

As this outage will take place outside of normal operating hours, this will not affect phone availability of the Registration Services or Financial Services Help Desks, or general phone service at ARIN.


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