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ARIN Board Adopts Bylaws Changes

Posted: Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The ARIN Board of Trustees adopted two Bylaws changes at its meeting on 23 April 2012. These changes include:

  • Allowing a non-candidate Board member to confirm the President's certification of the list of eligible voters. This non-candidate Board member shall be selected by the Board. Previously only the Secretary could confirm the President's review.
  • Petition signatures can now only be submitted by "eligible voters", which was changed from "General Members in good standing." This change makes the eligibility for signing petitions in sync with the eligibility for voting in the general elections, that only voters (and now petition signers) "of record on January 1st shall be eligible."

ARIN's Bylaws are available at:

View these changes in the Bylaws change log at:


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