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ARIN Engineering Projects Awaiting Prioritization Survey

Posted: Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In addition to our planned functionality, ARIN keeps track of community and internal recommendations for new services and improvements. These items await prioritization, planning, and approval before work can commence.

To gather community input on future upgrades and services, ARIN held a session to go over a list of both planned and unplanned activities this morning at ARIN XXIX. The information gleaned from this community feedback session will be used as feedback for ARIN management to help prioritize future work. This will be a standard agenda item for future meetings.

In addition to input gathered at the ARIN meeting, we have a survey available at:

The survey will remain open until 15 May, and we are eager to hear from you! We look forward to hearing your thoughts as we set future development and service priorities.


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