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New ARIN Online Features Released 5 June 2010

Posted: Monday, 07 June 2010

ARIN is pleased to announce the implementation of  Policy 3.6, "Annual WHOIS POC Validation." ARIN will be emailing POCs requesting them to validate their Whois contact information.  This message will contain links to the requisite ARIN Online forms to expedite this process.  For more information on ARIN’s POC validation efforts, refer to:

In addition, ARIN has added a Downloads feature to ARIN Online. Account holders who have signed ARIN’s Bulk Whois Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) can download Bulk Whois data as well as a report of resources with no valid POCs. Full details on the Bulk Whois process are available at:

Learn more about ARIN Online and future features at:

Log in today and check out these enhancements, or create your ARIN Online account at:

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John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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