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Modified Version of Registration Services Agreements Posted

Posted: Friday, 28 May 2010

ARIN is releasing an update to Version 10.0 of its Registration Services Agreement ("RSA") and Version 2.1 of its Legacy RSA ("LRSA"). These changes are administrative in nature and are detailed below. These changes do not impact the validity of existing RSAs and Legacy RSAs. The new versions have been posted on the website and the previous versions will remain on our website for comparison and review for the next 90 days.

Modifications reflected in Version 10.1 of the RSA include the following:

1. ARIN removed references to the "Certification Practice Statement" from Sections 3 and 5(a).

2. In Section 3, the term "Procedures" is added to reference the operational documentation on ARIN's website regarding its implementation of the policies in the Number Resource Policy Manual.

3. The name of the Service, "ARIN Online", is now used in place of the type of service being provided, "ARIN's Secure Login Website". Examples can be found in Sections 5(a) and 15(j).

Modifications reflected in Version 2.2 of the LRSA include the following:

1. ARIN removed references to the "Certification Practice Statement" from Sections 2 and 5(a).

2. In specifications on communication with ARIN, references to ARIN Online, its Secure Customer Website, have been added so that exchanges via this mechanism are permitted. Examples can be found in sections 5(a) and 15(j).

Anyone needing further information about the RSA or LRSA can call the Registration Services Help Desk at +1-703-227-0660 or send an email to
Nothing in this announcement alters or otherwise modifies any terms of the RSA or LRSA.
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