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ARIN Simplifies and Lowers Fees for IPv4 Registrations Effective Today

Posted: Mon, 01 Nov 2004

At its August 3, 2004, meeting, the ARIN Board of Trustees voted to simplify and lower fees for IPv4 registrations of assignments and initial allocations. Initial registration fees for IPv4 allocations will be reduced to be equal to the current annual renewal fees. The Board has also made the size categories and fees for IPv4 assignments the same as the size categories and fees for IPv4 allocations. The IPv4 allocation and assignment fee schedules will then be identical. There will be no change to annual IPv4 renewal or maintenance fees.

Starting today, November 1, 2004, ARIN will implement the unified IPv4 allocation and assignment fee schedule as follows:

Initial registration fee for IPv4 allocations and assignments:

CIDR Range Category Size Fee
/24 - < /20 X-Small $1,250
/20 - /19 Small $2,250
> /19 - /16 Medium $4,500
> /16 - /14 Large $9,000
> /14 X-Large $18,000

Complete Board meeting minutes are available at:


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