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WHOIS Notification

Posted: Thu, 22 Jul 2004

Today, Thursday, July 22, beginning at approximately 7:00 pm EDT (1900 UTC), ARIN will begin accepting queries to via port 43 at our co-location facility. In the past, some users have relied on the IP address of to direct queries. Please make sure in the future to always rely on the host name. This is particularly important during the upcoming weeks as we continue to make improvements to our services.

Today's scheduled improvement addresses port 43 whois. Port 80 queries will continue to be served from the whois query box on ARIN's website at or directly accessed at

As we make additional improvements, it is equally important to direct port 80 queries to these targets, and not to or directly to any IP address.

These changes, which come as a result of internal improvements to ARIN WHOIS services, will include expanded port 80 coverage in the coming weeks and improved failover capability. Thank you for your patience as we make these improvements to better serve you.


Cathy Murphy
ARIN Engineering

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