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Welcome to the NEW

It has been nearly four years since ARIN's last redesign of Over the past year, we carefully examined the content and organization of our website in order to create an updated site that will provide a better experience for the community.

Many of the URLs that you may have bookmarked have changed, and though we have created some redirects, we strongly encourage you to update your bookmarks as you explore the new site.

Beginning at the home page, you will see six main headings for drop-down navigation, which will remain consistent throughout the website.

  • Number Resources provides access to guidelines and forms for requesting and managing resources.
  • Participate contains all information about mail lists, meetings, membership, elections and opportunities for community involvement.
  • Policies has all current and archival policy proposal activity, along with policy process information and the Number Resource Policy Manual.
  • Under Fees & Invoices you can view our Fee Schedule, make payments, and update billing contact information.
  • Knowledge offers a reorganization of our education and reference materials.
  • About Us contains all corporate documents and information on the organizational structure, including information on the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.

The new home page also features navigation to current events and hot topics through "billboards" and Quick Links to make it easier to find key materials and important news. Every page on the site also provides navigation to ARIN's Secure Login, WHOIS searches, and a search engine for the content of the website.

We have also made some key content part of a static footer, so don't neglect to scroll down to this important information:

  • Contact Us
  • Media
  • Site Map
  • Search ARIN
  • Privacy Statement
  • Standards Compliance
  • Network Abuse

If you have feedback about the new site, please let us know at If you'd like to report a specific issue, please include detailed information, including specific URLs and details about your browser and operating system, including version number.

Compliance, Accessibility, and Browser Support

As with past versions of the ARIN website, an important goal in this effort was to have the website meet accepted W3C standards, including those for XHTML and CSS, and accessibility guidelines such as WCAG 1.0 and Section 508. Much of the site meets these standards, though some historical and scripted content does not yet validate. In cases where validation is not met, please be assured that we are continuing to address these issues.

The use of robust and compliant CSS also allowed us to create separate style sheets for printing and handheld devices. There is no need for "printer-friendly" or "PDA-friendly" links. Pages will print out with all the content formatting, but none of the website navigation, making it simple to print and share ARIN documentation. For handheld devices that use browsers with support for the "media='handheld'" meta tags, content will appear automatically resized and reformatted for your display.

For full details on our Accessibility efforts, please refer to