IPv4 Countdown – Phase 4 (Archive)

What does this mean for you?

Phase 4 of the ARIN IPv4 Countdown Plan changes requesting procedures for all IPv4 requests.

You will receive the standard request acknowledgement email and notification that your request has been moved to the IPv4 Review Team queue.

All IPv4 requests will be reviewed in the order they were received according to their timestamp. ARIN's resource analysts will respond to tickets as they appear chronologically in the queue. Each ticket response is treated as an individual transaction, so the completion time of a single request may vary based on customer response times and the number of requests waiting in the queue.

Because each correspondence will be processed in sequence, it is possible that response times may exceed our usual two-day turnaround.

Other Important Changes

  • All requests of any size will be subject to team review. Requests of /15 and larger will require department director approval.
  • Once a request is approved, the requestor will have 60 days to complete payment and return a signed RSA (if applicable).  If payment and signed RSA have not been received by the 61st day, the ticket will automatically close, the address space will be released back into the available IPv4 pool, and a new request will need to be submitted. This change to the approval window from 90 days to 60 days will apply to all IPv4 requests, but not to IPv6 and ASN requests. 
  • The hold time before returned, reclaimed and revoked resources are available for reissue is also reduced from three months to 60 days.