Legacy Registration Outreach

Updated: 3 March 2009

Since October 2007 when ARIN first announced the availability of the Legacy RSA, over 600 entities have either signed a Legacy RSA or have submitted applications that are working their way through the normal administrative process. The expression of interest by the community in the Legacy RSAs has been due, in part, to the efforts of the ARIN staff to reach out to all legacy address space registrants informing them of the existence of the Legacy RSA.

Beginning in December 2007, ARIN began its outreach efforts to legacy space holders by sending email letters to the registrants of Class A legacy address space notifying them of the existence of the Legacy RSA. In February 2008, staff continued this effort by sending reminder emails to the Class A holders, and then immediately followed up in early March by sending emails to over 4,000 registrants of Class B address space. A third wave of letters was sent to all Legacy Class C registrants beginning in September 2008 and ending in January 2009. Over 14,000 letters were sent during that time period. The results of these outreach efforts can be viewed in the graphs below showing the surge in applications during the months these letters were sent out. Particularly notable were the months of March, April, Oct, and Dec 2008, and Jan 2009.

Legacy RSA Requests By Month for 2008-2009

Legacy RSA Requests by Month for 2008 through 2010

In July 2008, ARIN continued its mission of informing legacy space holders about the Legacy RSA by beginning to send email letters to all registrants of Class C address space. Due to the large number of Class C registrants (over 14,000) , ARIN is sending these notices in batches. ARIN expects the pace and number of signed Legacy RSAs to increase as more letters to Class C holders are released, additional information about the LRSA is disseminated throughout the community, and as experience grows with the Legacy RSA.

For additional statistics about the LRSA, please go to Legacy Registration Service Agreement Statistics page.