ARIN Fraud Reporting Results - 4th Quarter 2009

Fraud Reports Received:

  • 20091104-F350
  • 20091116-F351
  • 20091118-F352
  • 20091229-F372

Total Fraud reports received this quarter = 4

Investigation Results

Three of the fraud reports received during this quarter were reports of incidents related to phishing, spam, identity theft, stalking/harassment, etc. ARIN did not investigate any of these reports, because they are outside the scope of ARIN's mission.

ARIN's response to each of these reports was to notify  the reporter that the fraud reporting process is restricted to matters specifically related to ARIN's mission and area of authority such as false utilization reporting, number resource hijacking in ARIN's database, and other activity involving fraudulent submissions to ARIN or fraudulent changes to data in ARIN's WHOIS. In each of these report responses, ARIN staff provided  additional useful information including information on querying WHOIS, contact information for the network operator associated with a given IP address, etc. No further action was taken.

One was a report about an Org ID that "seems suspicious" but the reporter did not provide any details.  ARIN did research the report based on the limited amount of information available, but didn't see anything unusual that seemed fraudulent.  ARIN sent a request for additional details to the reporter, but no response has been received to date.