ARIN Fraud Reporting Results - 2022

First Quarter Investigation Results

ARIN received 47 fraud reports in the first quarter of 2022. Of those:

  • 41 involved matters such as abusive activity by users of ISPs that are outside the scope of ARIN's fraud reporting process. No action was taken.
  • 3 involved unauthorized routing of IP addresses. In one case, we provided details of the previous registrant of those IP addresses. In the second case, we provided suggestions on using the IRR and RPKI to publish routing information to prevent hijacking. In the third case, we provided contact details for the upstream networks to assist in contacting the network that may have been responsible for the hijacking.
  • 1 involved a potential hijack of an ASN. The record was locked to prevent a hijack attempt.
  • 1 involved law enforcement unable to contact a registrant regarding a potential criminal matter. We provided contact information for the registrant's upstreams and suggested they contact the upstreams to find/contact the registrant.
  • 1 involved a user who believed an ARIN Online account had been created but was unable to find it. We found no record of an ARIN Online account for the user.