ARIN-prop-251: Correct references to rwhois

Date: 12/28/2017

Proposal Originator: Joe Provo

Problem Statement:

This is intended as a trivial editorial change which does not change intent nor meaning of policy. In section 3.2 we specify the requiremewnts for generic distributed information services, yet that definition is referenced only twice. Elsewhere in the NRPM a specific implementation (rwhois) is named. Given that even the recent ACSP Consultation 2017.4 specifically mentioned other protocols, this inconsistency should be resolved.

Policy Statement:

Change the title of 3.2 from "Distributed Information Server Use Requirements" to "Distributed Information Service Use Requirements".

Change the references in the following sections from "rwhois" to "a distributed service which meets the standards set forth in section 3.2":




Timetable for Implementation: Immeddiate

Anything Else: Minor editorial change to eliminate a legacy inconsistency. A phrasing tweak might be needed for one use.