ARIN-prop-249: Verify Contacts on New Re-assignments

Date: 11/14/2017

Proposal Originator: Jason Schiller

Problem Statement:

Organizations will occasionally re-assign resources to either:

A. a random contact at the organization who will use the resources

B. a random OrgID that belongs to the organization who will use the resources.

In the case of the former, these mis-re-assignments are only caught during the annual POC validation.  However, completing POC validation with organization who do not have a relationship with ARIN seems problematic, and this process may be discontinued. 

In the case of the latter, these mis-re-assignments are caught when reviewing resources held by the given OrgID, but can only be updated by the upstream ISP. 

Policy Statement: reassignment verification

At the time a new reassignment is requested, or when an existing reassignment record is modified, if the request does not reference a pre-existing OrgID, then downstream registrant contact information must be verified prior to creating or modifying the record.

If ARIN cannot verify the downstream registrant contact information within 7 days they will contact the party who submitted the request and advise them of their inability to process the request with the given contact information.

If the ARIN  can contact the downstream registrant, or if the downstream registrant contacts ARIN, and advises that there is more appropriate contact info, then ARIN will process the update as advised if downstream registrant is linked to, controls, or is know to be part of the same family of companies, or if the more appropriate contact info can be contacted and verified.


Timetable for Implementation: Prior to implementation of 2017-3