ARIN-prop-245: Repeal of Immediate Need for IPv4 Address Space (NRPM Section

Date: 10/09/2017

Proposal Originator: Christian Tacit

Section of the ARIN Numbering Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) provides that an ISP having an immediate need for IPv4 address space that will be utilized within thirty days of a request may obtain a block of IPv4 address space of the size specified in section from ARIN on an exceptional basis. However, as noted in the ARIN 40 Policy Experience Report, since IPv4 exhaustion, obtaining IPv4 addresses in this manner is no longer possible as a practical matter. Instead an ISP must join the waiting list and wait until it reaches the front of the queue to obtain any IPv4 address space, however long that may take. In effect, section is non-operative. Accordingly, its continued presence in the NRPM is misleading and confusing.

Policy statement: 

Section of the NRPM is hereby repealed and section number is hereby retired.


a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate

b. Comments:Given the constraints created by the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, this proposal does not require any changes in the current ARIN practices for the allocation of IPv4 address space.