ARIN-prop-242: Retire obsolete section 4 from the NRPM

Date: 04/20/2017

Proposal Originator: Owen DeLong

Problem Statement:

Since IPv4 free pool exhaustion, policy focus has shifted to transfers. The community elected, instead of revamping and modernizing section 4 in light of this to, instead, recreate the relevant parts of section 4 in section 8.5. As a result, section 4 is generally obsolete and can be mostly retired. Since some small amounts of space do occasionally recreate the free pool, a mechanism for addressing this must remain and therefore a much reduced section 4 is proposed here instead of outright retirement.

Policy statement:

Replace section 4 of the NRPM with the following:

4. IPv4

4.1 IPv4 Requests

4.1.1 Any new requests for IPv4 addresses shall be evaluated based on the criteria for transfer recipients contained in section 8.5.

4.1.2 Any approved requests which cannot be met from the ARIN free pool shall be handled according to section 4.2.

4.2 Unmet requests

In the event that ARIN does not have a contiguous block of addresses of sufficient size to fulfill a qualified request, ARIN will provide the requesting organization with the option to specify the smallest block size they'd be willing to accept, equal to or larger than the applicable minimum size specified elsewhere in ARIN policy. If such a smaller block is available, ARIN will fulfill the request with the largest single block available that fulfills the request. If no such block is available, the organization will be provided the option to be placed on a waiting list of pre-qualified recipients, listing both the block size qualified for and the smallest block size acceptable.

Repeated requests, in a manner that would circumvent 4.1.6, are not allowed: an organization may only receive one allocation, assignment, or transfer every 3 months, but ARIN, at its sole discretion, may waive this requirement if the requester can document a change in circumstances since their last request that could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of the original request, and which now justifies additional space.

Qualified requesters whose request cannot be immediately met will also be advised of the availability of the transfer mechanism in section 8.3 as an alternative mechanism to obtain IPv4 addresses.

4.2.1. Waiting list

The position of each qualified request on the waiting list will be determined by the date it was approved. Each organization may have one approved request on the waiting list at a time.

4.2.2. Fulfilling unmet needs

As address blocks become available for allocation, ARIN will fulfill requests on a first-approved basis, subject to the size of each available address block and a timely re-validation of the original request. Requests will not be partially filled. Any requests met through a transfer will be considered fulfilled and removed from the waiting list.


a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate