ARIN-prop-236: Remove reciprocity requirement for inter-RIR transfers

Date: 02/21/2017

Proposal Originator: David Huberman

Problem Statement:

AFRINIC and LACNIC are currently considering one-way inter-RIR transfer proposals. Those RIR communities feel a one-way policy a policy that allows network operators in their regions to obtain space from another region and transfer it into AFRINIC and LACNIC may best meet the needs of the operators in that region.

ARIN staff, in reply to an inquiry from AFRINIC, have formally indicated that ARINs 8.4 policy language will not allow ARIN to participate in such one-way transfers. The staff formally indicate to AFRINIC that the word reciprocal in 8.4 prohibits ARIN from allowing ARIN-registered space to transfer directly to AFRINIC (in this context).

ARIN as a community should recognize that other RIR operator communities have different needs than we do. We should recognize that:

- network operators in AFRINIC in LACNIC have need to obtain space in the market;

- have reasons they think are important to not allow two-way transfers; and

- we should understand that the history of the RIR system has led to LACNIC and AFRINIC having multiple orders of magnitude less IPv4 address space than ARIN does.

Policy statement:

Add the following sentence after the first sentence of NRPM 8.4:

Inter-regional transfers may take place to an RIR without a reciprocal inter-regional transfer policy only when the recipient RIR has less IPv4 address space in its inventory than the global average of RIR IPv4 address inventories.

Timetable for implementation: Upon the ratification of any inter-RIR transfer policy at another RIR that is one-way as described in the problem statement.