ARIN-prop-220 Transfers and Multi-national Networks

ARIN-prop-220 Transfers and Multi-national Networks

Proposal originator: David Huberman

Date: 21 May 2015

Problem statement:

Some organizations within the ARIN region are currently unable to receive IPv4 space via transfer based on current ARIN policy, which prohibits address space used outside of the ARIN region from being considered efficiently utilized. This proposal would allow organizations with a strong and long-standing presence in the ARIN region to be able to receive number resources via transfer for their global operations.

Policy statement:

When evaluating transfer requests, ARIN will not consider the geographic location where an organization is utilizing its ARIN-registered addresses if that organization, its parent, or a subsidiary:

1. has been an ARIN customer for at least 36 months; AND

2. is currently in good standing with ARIN; AND

3. is currently using IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in the ARIN region; AND

4. can demonstrate it has a meaningful business that operates in the ARIN region.