ARIN-prop-216 Modify 8.4 (Inter-RIR Transfers to Specified Recipients)

ARIN-prop-216 Modify 8.4 (Inter-RIR Transfers to Specified Recipients)

Proposal Originator: David Huberman and Tina Morris

Date: 15 April 2015

Problem Statement:

Organizations that obtain a 24 month supply of IP addresses via the transfer market and then have an unexpected change in business plan are unable to move IP addresses to the proper RIR within the first 12 months of receipt.

Policy statement:

Replace 8.4, bullet 4, to read:

"Source entities within the ARIN region must not have received an allocation or assignment of IPv4 number resources from ARIN for the 12 months prior to the approval of a transfer request."


The intention of this change is to allow organizations to perform inter-RIR transfers of space received via an 8.3 transfer regardless of the date transferred to ARIN . A common example is that an organization acquires a block located in the ARIN region, transfers it to ARIN, then 3 months later, the organization announces that it wants to launch new services out of region. Under current policy, the organization is prohibited from moving some or all of those addresses to that region's Whois; the numbers are locked in ARIN's Whois. It's important to note that 8.3 transfers are approved for a 24 month supply, and it would not be unheard of for a business model to change within the first 12 months after approval. In addition this will not affect the assignments and allocations issued by ARIN they will still be subject to the 12 month restriction.

a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate

b. Anything else