ARIN-prop-199 Resolve Conflict Between RSA and 8.2 Utilization Requirements

Proposal Originator: David Huberman

Date: 6 January 2014

Problem Statement:

8.2 transfer policy has utilization requirements at the time of the review of the transfer request.

The RSA section 6 expressly forbids ARIN from de-registering blocks (in whole or in part) due to under-utilization or no-justification during transfer requests.

This is a direct conflict.

We should remove all utilization references from 8.2 language to ensure the policy is compliant with the RSA.

Policy statement:

Remove from 8.2:
"In the event that number resources of the combined organizations are no longer justified under ARIN policy at the time ARIN becomes aware of the transaction, through a transfer request or otherwise, ARIN will work with the resource holder(s) to return, aggregate, transfer, or reclaim resources as needed to restore compliance via the processes outlined in current ARIN policy."

a.Timetable for implementation: Immediate
b.Anything else: