ARIN-prop-197 Remove 7.2 Lame Delegations

Proposal Originator: David Huberman

Date: 6 January 2014

Problem Statement:

Section 7.2, asking ARIN to resolve Lame Delegations in, was established almost 10 years ago. While there may be real lameness problems in the tree, this should no longer be part of ARIN policy for two reasons:

1) NRPM should primarily be used to determine when requestors do, and do not, qualify for number resources because that's what ARIN's purpose is relevant to. ARIN is not an operational technical body, and its policy should only regulate activities ARIN is designed to participate in.

1a) We don't put text about how to operate Whois or RWhois or IRR in NRPM, so we should not put in text about how to operate DNS.

2) ARIN has never effectively implemented this. If there's still a need, it should be addressed directly with ARIN management and staff for prioritization.

Policy statement:

Remove section 7.2

a.Timetable for implementation: Immediate
b.Anything else: