Draft Policy ARIN-2019-14: No Specified Transfers for Blocks

Status: Abandoned

Advisory Council Shepherds: Andrew Dul, Kat Hunter

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Latest Version: 21 May 2019

Problem Statement:

The ARIN “Unfulfilled Requests” policy creates an opportunity for an ARIN member to claim need for number resources, wait for those resources to become available via returns or reclamations, acquire them (per of the NRPM), wait a day after the mandatory “hold time”, and then profit from them via a specified transfer transaction.

This waiting list policy freely provides number resources, creating an incentive for profit-taking through fraudulent applications or making misrepresentations to registration services.

ARIN can avoid this problem by prohibiting non-8.2 transfers for blocks distributed under using language very similar to policy elsewhere in the NRPM.

Policy Statement:

Add a second paragraph to

IP allocations issued through are non-transferable via section 8.3 and section 8.4. In the case of a section 8.2, transfer of the IP assignment must be utilized for the same purpose or needs justified used for the original 4.1.8 application.


Timetable for implementation: Immediate