ARIN-2018-6: Clarify Reassignment Requirements in


Implemented 31 March 2020

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Current Text (18 November 2019)

AC Assessment of Conformance with the Principles of Internet Number Resource Policy:

This proposal is technically sound and enables fair and impartial number policy by making it clear when reassignments are required to have customer Point of Contact (POC) information (reassign detail and reallocations) and when they do not (reassign simple).

Problem Statement:

Current NRPM section “Reassignment and Reallocation Information” is being interpreted by some organizations to require a “detailed reassignment” for all customers. Under the current reassignment schema, only a “detailed reassignment or reallocation” contains fields for “organizational information”.

This policy intends to simplify the reassignment requirements by noting that only a customer’s name is required. Thus a “simple reassignment” can be used for most reassignments.

Policy Statement:

Replace section with the following: Reassignment and Reallocation Information

Each IPv4 reassignment or reallocation containing a /29 or more addresses shall be registered via SWIP or a directory services system which meets the standards set forth in section 3.2.

Reassignment registrations must include each customer name, except where specifically exempted by this policy. Reassignment registrations shall only include point of contact (POC) information if either: (1) requested by the customer; or (2) the reassigned block is intended to be routed and announced outside of the provider's network.

Reallocation registrations must contain the customer’s organization name and appropriate point of contact (POC) information.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate

Summary (Staff Understanding)

Draft Policy 2018-6: Clarify reassignment requirements in It is staff understanding that the policy text outlined makes a clear delineation in which reassignments are required to have customer Point of Contact (POC) information (reassign detail and reallocations) and which do not (reassign simple).

Reassign detail and/or Reallocations will be made to customers that specifically request to be listed as a POC or those where the reassigned block will be routed/announced outside of the usptreams network.

Reassign Simples will be made to all other customers.

Furthermore, it is clear that the requirement to SWIP /29 or more remains unchanged.


ARIN Staff Comments

The new text is clear and easily understood. This policy can be implemented as written.

ARIN General Counsel – Legal Assessment

The policy raises no material legal issues.

Resource Impact

Implementation of this policy would have minimum resource impact. It is estimated that implementation would occur within 3 months after ratification by the ARIN Board of Trustees.

The following would be needed in order to implement:

  • Staff training
  • Updated guidelines and internal procedures
  • Updated documentation on website
  • Customer outreach

Proposal/Draft Policy Text Assessed: 20 November 2018 Version