Draft Policy ARIN-2011-11: Clarify Justified Need for Transfers

Status: NRPM and 8.3

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Formal introduction on PPML on 24 August 2011

Origin - ARIN-prop-146

Draft Policy - 24 August 2011 (with staff assessment)

Remains on the AC's docket - 19 October 2011

Last call - 20 December 2011 through 13 January 2012

AC recommended adoption - 25 January 2012

Implemented - 10 February 2012

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Chris Morrow and Dan Alexander


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3 February 2012



10 February 2012

Draft Policy ARIN-2011-11
Clarify Justified Need for Transfers

Date: 24 August 2011

Policy statement:

Add to Section 8.3:

"...they can justify under current ARIN policies
showing how the addresses will be utilized within 12 months."

Remove from

"This reduction does not apply to resources
received via section 8.3. An organization receiving a transfer under
section 8.3 may continue to request up to a 12-month supply of IP


An organization which is not able to obtain its initial IPv4 address
assignment from ARIN post-runout would otherwise be limited to
purchasing only a 3-month supply (because the language in
regarding 8.3 transfers is not triggered).

An organization which has only recently received its first allocation
under the "last /8" criteria is also otherwise limited to purchasing
only a 3-month supply (because the language in is again not

There is also ambiguity if is applied in that a transfer to
a new organization might only need to show need for a /20 (because that
is what is specifically called out) even though they are receiving a
much larger block.

Previous version of this proposal modified Section 8 to point at 4.2.4,
rather than the shorter and clearer modification to 8.3 now proposed.

There is also ambiguity with regard to transfers under 8.2 where the
receiving organization is a new organization... not at all clear how
"justified need" has been or should be determined, however this proposal
no longer addresses this.

Timetable for implementation: immediate