Draft Policy 2010-3: Customer Confidentiality

Status: Abandoned

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Formal introduction on PPML on 2 February 2010

Origin - Policy Proposal 95

Draft Policy - 2 February 2010

Staff assessment - 22 March 2010

Abandoned by AC - 28 April 2010

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Shepherds: Bill Sandiford and Owen DeLong

18 June 2009


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Draft Policy 2010-3
Customer Confidentiality

Version/Date: 2 February 2010

Policy statement:

ISPs may choose to enter the customer's name along with the ISP's
address and phone number in reassignments and reallocations in lieu of
the customer's address and phone number. The customer's actual
information must be provided to ARIN on request and will be held in the
strictest confidence.


Version 2.0 clarifies the need for the customer name to remain in the
SWIP and RWHOIS information.

Customer contact lists are one of the most proprietary and confidential
pieces of information in any business. The requirements for ISPs to
publish those lists via SWIP or RWHOIS runs contrary to good business
practices and invites competitors and others to solicit both individuals
and companies receiving reassignments and sub allocations from upstream

Timetable for implementation: immediate