Policy Proposal 2007-26: Deprecate Lame Server Policy

Status: Withdrawn by author

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Formal introduction on PPML on 25 September 2007

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Owen DeLong

Policy Proposal 2007-26
Deprecate Lame Server Policy

Author: Owen DeLong

Proposal type: modify

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Replace Section 7 of the NRPM in it's entirety with the following text:

7. Staff action to improve ARIN public database accuracy and consistency.

7.1 ARIN staff shall take reasonable and practicable means to ensure and improve the accuracy of all ARIN public databases, including, but, not limited to WHOIS, delegations of the in-addr.arpa zone, and, delegations of the ip6.arpa zone.


Recent PPML discussion has called attention to the fact that lame DNS delegations are more an operational issue than one of policy. As such, the existing lame delegation policy should be removed from the NRPM to remove the resultant confusion. This is not meant to prevent ARIN staff from taking reasonable action WRT DNS operational issues related to resources issued by ARIN, but, such action can be covered by staff operational guidelines and is not within the scope of Address Policy.

Timetable for implementation: 1 June, 2008