Policy Proposal 2007-24: IPv6 Assignment Guidelines

Status: Withdrawn by author

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Leo Bicknell and Ed Lewis

Policy Proposal 2007-24
IPv6 Assignment Guidelines

Author: Leo Bicknell and Ed Lewis

Proposal type: new

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Delete the text in and Replace the text in section with the following text:

Assignments by LIRs /48 or smaller will not be reviewed by ARIN. Assignments greater than /48 will be reviewed to see if the additional space is warranted according to the 0.94 HD ratio policy. If the space is not warranted, ARIN will consider the excess space to be available for a different assignment, lowering the overall utilization score of the LIR.


The existing section does not provide clear guidance on how ARIN should treat prefixes allocated to a site should an ISP come back for additional space in the future. This makes it difficult for LIR's to know if they are allocating in accordance with the rules under which they will be judged in the future. The existing section also provides no guidence on what the LIR or ARIN should do in the case a larger prefix is necessary.

Timetable for implementation: immediate