Policy Proposal 2007-13: Removal of ISP Immediate Need from End-User

Status: Withdrawn by author

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Rob Seastrom, David Williamson, Owen DeLong

Policy Proposal 2007-13
Removal of ISP Immediate Need from End-User

Author: Rob Seastrom, David Williamson, Owen DeLong

Proposal type: delete

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Delete section 4.3.4, which reads:

4.3.4. Additional considerations

End-users may qualify for address space under other policies such as Immediate need [] or Micro-allocation [4.4].

from the NRPM.


As discussed at ARIN XIX, section 4.3.4 creates a conflict with section in that section specifically excludes end users while section 4.3.4 is specifically for end users.

Prior to the development of the multihoming policy for end users, the immediate need policy was required in order to support end users being able to get address space under some circumstances. The "immediate need" title is a misnomer as it is more an issue of "initial need without prior address utilization" than "immediate need". Such initial needs for end users are now addressed best through the multihoming policy.

Timetable for implementation: immediate