Policy 2007-11: Refinement of ISP Initial Allocation Policy

Status: Adopted - NRPM Section

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Formal introduction on PPML on 2 March 2007

Staff assessment - 13 April 2007
Last Call - 25 April through 9 May 2007
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1 March 2007
24 April 2007
17 May 2007

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Adopted on 14 June 2007



22 August 2007


Robert Seastrom

Proposal type: modify

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement: In NRPM (Initial Allocations to ISPs Policy), strike the following sentence:

"When completing Section 7 of the ARIN ISP Network Request Template, please keep this in mind"


Instructions on filling out templates properly belong in the instructions attached to the template, not as part of a policy statement. This reminder makes reference to an obsolete template and section. ARIN released new templates in August 2006 and changed template names, field numbers, and sections which made both of these references obsolete.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate