Policy Proposal 2006-6: Bulk WHOIS agreement expiration clarification

Status: WIthdrawn by author

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Formal introduction on PPML on 21 April 2006

Revised - 4 May 2006
Withdrawn by author on 18 September 2006 Public Policy Mailing List

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20 April 2006
25 May 2006
17 August 2006
21 September 2006

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9 May 2006


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Bill Woodcock

Policy Proposal Name: Bulk WHOIS agreement expiration clarification

Author: Bill Woodcock

Proposal Version: 1.1

Proposal type: Modify

Policy term: Permanent

Policy statement:

Text added to the end of "3.1. Bulk Copies of ARIN's WHOIS":

If no term of validity or expiration date is included in the policy or AUP, it shall be deemed valid upon acceptance by ARIN and shall conclude after thirty days notice by ARIN, immediately upon cancellation by the other signatory, or immediately upon a violation of its terms. If an expiration date is included, ARIN shall provide thirty days notice prior to the expiration of an AUP agreement, in order that the data recipient shall have the opportunity to receive uninterrupted service. ARIN shall deliver notices to the other signatory by, at a minimum, email to an administrative and a technical contact email address supplied by the signatory.

Presently, there is no expiration date specified in the AUP agreement or in the policy. In practice, ARIN presently expires bulk WHOIS agreements after one year, but this expiration practice appears to be informal and undocumented. Likewise, in practice, notice of expiration is presently sent to the email address from which the original application was received, notwithstanding that this is unlikely to be the appropriate role account for the purpose. There is presently no formal schedule for expiration, and no formal notification mechanism for expiration or violations. This policy attempts to formalize these processes.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate.