Policy Proposal 2004-6: Privacy of Reassignment Information

Status: Abandoned

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Formal introduction on PPML on 9 September 2004

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21 October 2004

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Sanford George
ISPs may choose whether or not to designate reassignment information 'public'. Reassignment information that is not designated 'public' will be available only to ARIN, the entity that created it, and that entity's upstream organizations. The maintenance of the accuracy of the data that is submitted whether it is public or private is the responsibility of the submitting ISP.

Increasing concern about protection of private information on the Internet has been expressed by many parts of the community. There have been numerous policy proposals over the last several years attempting to protect various portions of the displayed information. Concern has been expressed specifically about the requirement to publicly register customer assignments, which are often regarded by ISPs and customers as private information.

By publicly displaying reassignment information, the ISP is in some respects displaying its customer lists and other information that may be considered of a proprietary business interest.