Policy Proposal 2001-7: Bulk ARIN WHOIS Data

Status: Adopted, but made obsolete by the later adoption of Policy Proposal 2002-4

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Formal introduction on PPML on 12 November 2001 (Last Call)

Originally introduced on database working group (DBWG) mailing list on 28 September 2001 Public Policy Mailing List

ARIN Public Policy Meeting:


ARIN Advisory Council:

30 October 2001
09 November 2001

ARIN Board of Trustees:

11 December 2001







ARIN will provide a bulk copy of WHOIS output, minus point of contact information, on the ARIN site for download by any organization that wishes to obtain the data providing they agree to ARIN's acceptable use policy. To obtain a bulk copy of WHOIS data, print the following document that contains ARIN's acceptable use policy and complete it in full. Once a signed copy of this document is received by ARIN staff, a bulk copy of ARIN's WHOIS data will be made available to you.