Appendix B - Proposal Template

A standalone text format version of this is available.


  1. Policy Proposal Name:
  2. Proposal Originator
    1. name:
    2. email:
    3. telephone:
    4. organization:
  3. Proposal Version:
  4. Date:
  5. Proposal type:
    new, modify, or delete.
  6. Policy term:
    temporary, permanent, or renewable.
  7. Policy statement:
  8. Rationale:
  9. Timetable for implementation:


Template Instructions

Policy Proposal Name - Provide a name which can be used to identify the policy proposal.

Proposal Originator - Fill in point of contact information including name, email address, phone number and organization.

Proposal Version - This helps keep track of changes to proposal text. Start with 1.

Date - Enter the date.

Policy type - Indicate the policy type. Is this a new policy, modification to an existing policy, or elimination of an existing policy?

Policy term - How long will the policy remain in effect? Is it intended to be temporary, permanent, or renewable?

Policy Statement [Note: Do not include rationale.] - Make a clear and concise policy statement that is unambiguous and actionable. The policy text written here will ideally fit right into the Number Resource Policy Manual.

Rationale [Note: Do not include policy text.] - Briefly list the rationale or justification for the policy proposal. Suggested points to consider include the following:

  • Identify the problem that the policy proposal seeks to remedy.
  • Explain how the policy proposal would fix the problem.

Timetable for implementation - Indicate your recommendation for implementation: immediately, six months, etc.?

Mailing Instructions

Send the proposal to

Next Step

Your proposal will be handled according to the ARIN Policy Development Process. For more information see:

ARIN will post your proposal to the Public Policy Mailing List and to the ARIN website. The next point in the ARIN PDP is the Clarity and Understanding step. An ARIN staff member will contact you to ensure there is clarity and understanding of the proposal text.